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Celebrating 20 Years of Legacy in Electrical Innovations – Axiom Controls

Enhanced and secured electrical distribution is a concern in residential and commercial environments. This is where Axiom Control comes in with the specialization in LV Switchgear & customized OEM Solutions. Our solutions prioritize operational safety, service reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their electrical infrastructure. Our wide range of top-quality products, ranging from miniature circuit breakers (MCB) to molded case circuit breakers (MCCB), residual current circuit breakers (RCCB), isolators, and distribution boards, are meticulously crafted to meet the CE and ISO certifications, ensuring that clients get customized solutions that are tailored to their needs. We deliver efficient and effective solutions by boosting efficiency, reducing costs, or streamlining operations. With a strong emphasis on quality, trustworthiness, and customer satisfaction, we have succeeded as a manufacturer of electrical products.

Let us take you through our brief history and the milestones we have achieved over its 20 years of legacy.


Founded in September 2003, we started as a subsidiary of the electrical solutions company VEECO Switchgears (established in 1976). We began our mission to revolutionize the electrical distribution industry by providing reliable and cost-effective solutions through high-quality, long-lasting, defect-proof products. 2005 marked a significant milestone as we commenced commercial production of MCBs and allied products at its state-of-the-art facility in Baddi. This strategic step indicated the company’s commitment to technological advancement and quality assurance. Building upon this foundation, we introduced the manufacturing of MCBs in August 2006.

This move was a testament to our persistent commitment to widening their product portfolio and meeting the evolving needs of our customers with top quality assurance. Our determined pursuit of excellence pushed us forward as we tackled the international market in November 2008, exporting MCBs to the Western world. By 2009, we had attained a reputation as a trusted partner for contract manufacturing of MCBs, resulting from our constant dedication to high-quality standards and meeting client demands. 2012 marked a notable moment in our journey as they initiated research and development for manufacturing Mini MCBs. This pursuit of innovation pinnacled in the successful launch of Mini MCBs in August 2013.

The success of our Mini MCBs led to us securing a position as a reputable source for contract manufacturing in this niche sector by 2014. The growth momentum became vital in the following years as we diversified our offerings to include Sheet Metal Distribution Boards in March 2015. Identifying the need for continuous improvement, we upgraded our fabrication setup to a semi-automated 8-tank system, complete with cutting-edge machinery, in November 2015. We then extended our expertise into Distribution Boards, becoming a reputed contract manufacturer in 2016. Expanding our global conquer, we began exporting Distribution Boards to the Middle East and African nations in 2018, proving the international acceptance of our quality and reliability. Now, in 2023, we are all geared up to celebrate the together effort and success of Axiom Controls, celebrating a long-lasting legacy of 20 years with many more visions to fulfill in coming years.


Over 20 years, we have walked an outstanding journey denoted by our noteworthy milestones. The first milestone was achieved in 2006 with our first big contract manufacturing deal with WIPRO to produce MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers). This was a notable step towards creating a name for us, proving our manufacturing capabilities, and setting the base for future growth. It was about building a solid partnership with one of the primary industry players. The collaboration with WIPRO showed our commitment to providing top-notch electrical solutions that can meet industry leaders’ high standards.

Next, in 2013, we successfully collaborated with a well-known company, Anchor Panasonic (Japan-based company). The collaboration focused on developing and manufacturing Tiny MCBs, showcasing our innovation and technical expertise. This successful collaboration over three years further solidified our reputation for delivering specialized solutions.

We finally achieved another significant milestone in 2015 by establishing an in-house Distribution Board setup. This move enabled us to manufacture components and offer extensive solutions for broader electrical infrastructure needs. Additionally, we significantly upgraded our fabrication setup by setting up a semi-automated 8-tank system with power coating capabilities.


Our history is not just a series of events but a portrayal of growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment. We are very grateful to Late Sh. Pardeep Kumar Gupta, the founder of this company, had a vision to improve electricity’s effectiveness, dependability, and safe conduct.

From initial contract manufacturing to strategic collaborations and infrastructure upgrades, each milestone reflects our dedication to providing top-tier electrical solutions to our clients across industries and borders. With each achievement, we have proved our position as a leader in the ever-changing landscape of electrical engineering.

Axiom Controls is a manufacturer of LV Switchgear Products including – MCB, MCCB, RCCB, Isolators, Distribution Boards, and Two way center off changeover switch. We are looking for Dealers/ Distributors/ Channel Partners. Fill out the inquiry form if you are interested.

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