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Axiom offers a complete range of well-engineered MCB’s that offer overall protection to your electrical installation from sustained overload and short-circuit.


  • Protection of equipments against current as high as 10,000A
  • Offers clear identification of faulty circuit with knob coming to mid position
  • Prevents accidental contact with live parts
  • The breathing channels are so profiled that the air circulates around individual pole, resulting in cooler operation
  • LOW WATT LOSS leading to ENERGY SAVING as the contacts are made of Silver Inlaid copper ensuring:

    • Long Life
    • Maximum Safety
    • Low Contact Resistance
  • Available due to safety purpose during maintenance.
    OFF POSITION: For Personal Safety
    ON POSITION: For extremely critical load Restriction
  • In the event of an over current or short circuit, the MCB automatically interrupts all the poles even if the MCB knob is held in ON position
  • Axiom MCB is designed to allow minimum let through energy in case of fault. It operates with high-speed mechanism in which electrodynamic forces set up by the heavy current due to short-circuit, separate the contacts several times faster, before it could reach the peak volume, thus suppressing the high current.


Standard Conformity IS/IEC:60898-2015
Standard Rated Current (In) 6 – 63 A in B & C series for resistive loads and inductive loads respectively
Execution Single Pole (SP), Single Pole & Neutral (SPN), Double Pole
(DP),Triple Pole (TP), Triple Pole & Neutral (TPN), Four Pole (FP)
Rated Voltage (Ue) 240/415 Volts
Frequency 50Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 660 V~
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60° C
Trip Fault Indication Mid Trip Feature
Terminal Capacity 25mm2
Energy Limit Class Class 3
Watt Loss As per the IS/ IEC Standards
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity (Icn) 10,000A (10kA)
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