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Welcome To Axiom Controls Pvt. Ltd.


One of the electrical systems and products that Axiom Controls Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing are Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs). Because they protect against overcurrent and short circuits, MCBs are essential to operating electrical systems.

Axiom Controls Pvt. Ltd. offers high-quality, trustworthy MCBs. Our MCBs are tested to ensure they follow performance and safety standards and are made according to global norms.

One of India’s top producers of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Axiom is renowned for creating MCBs of the highest calibre.


The Axiom Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) has a plethora of exceptional features that provide the best equipment protection from currents up to 10,000A. When the device’s knob is in the middle position, it is possible to identify broken circuits, preventing risks. Avoid accidental contact with live components to ensure optimal safety.

The device’s breathing tubes are built to circulate air around individual poles, making it operate cooler. The Axiom MCB benefits from minimal watt loss and provides energy-saving features. Silver-inlaid copper’s contacts offer high safety, extended life, and low contact resistance.

The Axiom MCB has an exceptional safety feature that allows for use during maintenance procedures. It is easily switchable to the off position to protect everyone. On the other hand, it can be moved to the on position to manage enormous electrical demands. It is noteworthy that the MCB can immediately stop any excessive electrical current or short circuit on all its poles, even when held in the state.

The system is built to let through the least energy possible in the event of a fault. Its high-speed mechanism successfully suppresses high current peaks, using electrodynamic forces to quickly separate the contacts in reaction to large currents. In conclusion, the Axiom MCB is a remarkable tool that offers unmatched safety features and protection for any crucial electrical application.

One of India’s top producers of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Axiom is renowned for creating MCBs of the highest calibre.


Standard Conformity IS/IEC:60898-2015
Standard Rated Current (In) 6 – 63 A in B & C series for resistive loads and inductive loads respectively
Execution Single Pole (SP), Single Pole & Neutral (SPN), Double Pole
(DP),Triple Pole (TP), Triple Pole & Neutral (TPN), Four Pole (FP)
Rated Voltage (Ue) 240/415 Volts
Frequency 50Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 660 V~
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60° C
Trip Fault Indication Mid Trip Feature
Terminal Capacity 25mm2
Energy Limit Class Class 3
Watt Loss As per the IS/ IEC Standards
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity (Icn) 10,000A (10kA)

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