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All Axiom DBs are universal mounting types, hence can be flush or wall mounted. They undergo 8 tank phospating process to ensure anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength.


  • State of the Art Design.
  • Complete range of DBs with knockouts on the sides of DB to increase the flexibility of cable /conduit entry from all directions.
  • Ready to use DBs that are supplied with Neutral Links, Earth Links, Bus Bar and inter connecting wire/links.
  • TOP two foundation holes of key type and bottom two of round type for mounting or hanging the DB.
  • Knockouts at appropriate positions make the DBs suitable for wider applications, minimizing sharp bends of cables.
  • Earth Bar for better and firm earthing and for facilitating individual earthing for each outgoing terminal.
  • Special brass incoming terminals to ensure perfect connections of incoming cable with the Bus Bar from any direction.
  • Bus Bar Rating – 100 / 200A
  • Provided with removable gland plates both on TOP and bottom.
  • Separate door packaging with provision of cement protection cover.


Range SPN, TPN, Vertical, Phase Selector, TV/Tel, Cross, Plug-n-Socket
No. of Ways 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 ways
Type of Installation Surface and Flush mounting
Colour / Finish RAL 7035 Grey (Semi Glossy)
Door Options Reversible
Door Locking Options Sliding Lock
Removable Gland Plates Top & Bottom
Protection Level of Distribution Board Advanced
Distribution Technique Insulated Busbar
Bus Bar Rating 100A/200A
Incoming Max.63A
Outgoing Max. Individual 63A
Provision for Incomer slots 8 Slots
Voltage Rating 240/415V~ AC, 3 Phase/4 Wire
Main Incoming Options Single Phase/Three Phase – MCB or RCCB or ISOLATOR
Sub Incoming Options DP MCB / RCCB
Neutral Bar Terminal Capacity 25mm2
Earthing Bar Terminal Capacity 25mm2
Ingress Protection (IP) IP 30 for Single Door DB, IP 43 for Double Door DB
Rated Insulated Voltage (Ui) 690V~
Frequency 50Hz
Dielectric Strength 2.5KV
Ambient Temperature) -5 ̊ C to 40 ̊ C
Distribution Board-Reference Standards IS 8623; IS 13032
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