RCCB Connection Switch, RCCB Circuit Breaker
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The RCCB continuously monitors the current flow in the circuit and trips the circuit as soon as it detects any difference between the current flowing through the live wire and the neutral wire. By doing this, you can help safeguard persons and property from electric shocks and flames brought on by ground faults.

RCCBs aid in guarding against overload and short circuits and protecting against ground faults. They are often located there to safeguard all the circuits connected to the distribution board or consumer unit.

An extensive selection of premium RCCBs created to satisfy the requirements of numerous applications and industries are available at Axiom, a renowned electrical equipment producer in India.

High-quality Residual Current Circuit Breakers are offered in India by Axiom Controls.


Our product has standout qualities that make it stand out from competitors. Its sleek and classy appearance will surely draw those who appreciate style and elegance.

Our product’s test button and unambiguous fault trip indication, allowing quick and frequent check-ups, show that safety was prioritized during design. Additionally, IP-20 protection ensures maximum safety under all operational circumstances.

Our product is designed to endure high short-circuit circumstances in addition to its safety features. The presence of a flame-proof body and cover further improves its safety qualities. It also provides a thorough defence against both direct and indirect touch, making it a reliable and secure alternative for any application.

Our product is eco-friendly and economical because it takes energy conservation into account. It guarantees earthing protection against corrosion and offers protection against electric fires, ensuring longevity and durability.

The terminal safety shutters that come with this device provide a further measure of safety and security. These shutters are intended to prevent unintentional contact with live parts during installation. This product is a top pick for discerning consumers who value safety, dependability, and efficiency in their electrical effects due to these great qualities.


Standard Conformity IS 12640 -1: 2000, IEC 61008-1
Poles DP & FP
Current Rating 25A, 40A & 63A
Rated Voltage (Ue) 240/ 415 V AC
Rated Sensitivity, mA 30mA, 100mA & 300mA
Protection Against earth fault / Leakage current
Rated Frequency (f) 50 Hz
Nuisance Tripping No
Operating Characteristic ‘AC’ Type
Dielectric Strength 2.5kV
Terminal Capacity 35mm2
Protection Class IP20
Safety Shutters Optional
Breaking Capacity 6 KA

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