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Miniature Circuit Breaker Ace (MCB)

In various industrial, commercial, and residential applications, the MCB Ace series is designed to protect against overcurrent and short circuits reliably. These MCBs ensure that your electrical system is always protected by meeting the highest safety and performance criteria.

One of their distinguishing characteristics is the Ace series’ high breaking capacity, which enables them to swiftly and effectively interrupt short circuits. This keeps your system operational and helps prevent harm to your electrical equipment. The Ace series MCBs are an energy-efficient alternative for your electrical system because of their low power consumption and high breaking capacity. This can lower your overall energy expenditures while lowering the environmental effect of your business.

The simplicity of installation and maintenance of the Ace series MCBs is another crucial aspect. Axiom MCBs are made easy to install, which can cut down on installation costs and time. These MCBs will satisfy all your electrical protection needs thanks to their high breaking capacity, low power consumption, and simple installation and maintenance.

Salient Features

  1. 100% virgin plastic body
  2. Unique dual-step snap pusher
  3. Mid Trip
  4. Positive contact mechanisms
  5. Large incoming terminal (35sq mm)

The Miniature circuit breaker features a cutting-edge design that oozes class and sophistication. This breaker is the pinnacle of dependability and efficiency with a state-of-the-art mechanism that boasts fast speed and a tremendous breaking capacity.

Independent manual operation, you may have complete control, and our advanced mid-trip feature, which guarantees safe and secure operation, will give you peace of mind. This breaker ensures maximum safety and protection by using flame-retardant materials in the housing and cover.

With a novel DIN rail clip for simple mounting and a transparent ON-OFF indicator window for intuitive contact position indicating, our circuit breaker is made with user-friendliness in mind. Additionally, you can rely on the breaker to function flawlessly in the case of a malfunction.

Both bus bar and cable connections are available; our breaker provides various connection options. This breaker is an energy-efficient option for your electrical requirements because it was created with the environment in mind.

Our big cable connectors make it simple to install cables, and our IP 20 protection guarantees excellent durability and performance. For the best electrical solution, pick our premium circuit breaker.

Axiom guarantees that consumers obtain the highest calibre Miniature Circuit Breaker Ace (MCB) available in India.

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