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Axiom Isolators are perfect companions for ensuring the complete de- energisation of
the electrical circuits of residences, commercial premises and also adhere to the IS/ IEC
60947- 3 norms. These are equipped with silver alloy contacts for weld-free operations
and form the perfect fitments as incomers for individual residential as well as Commer-
cial Premises
Isolator are used in electrical installation to make, carry and break circuit current. The
isolator ensures that there will be no current at the load side even if impulse voltage
appears when the isolator is OFF.


  • Low power consumption, cost effective and energy saving
  • Longer electrical and mechanical life
  • Energy saving, low watt loss Isolators
  • Compact frame size with Heavy duty protection


  • Standard Conformity:- IS/IEC 60947-3
  • No of Poles:- 2P, 3P & 4P
  • Current Rating:- 40A, 63A, 100A
  • Rated Voltage (Ue):- 240/ 415 V AC
  • Rated Frequency (f ):- 50 Hz
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