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4 Directional Up Down Lights

Axiom’s four directional lights are designed to provide unparalleled flexibility in illuminating multiple areas simultaneously. These lighting fixtures are meticulously crafted to enhance various elements within a space, making them an ideal choice for creating a sophisticated and dynamic ambiance.

Salient features of 4 Directional Up Down Lights: 

  1. Axiom’s lights offer the unique advantage of illuminating multiple areas at once, allowing for a comprehensive and versatile lighting solution.
  2. Tailored for accentuating specific features within a space, these lights bring out the best in architectural details, decor, or focal points.
  3. Melding functionality with aesthetics, the four directional lights from Axiom boast a stylish design that seamlessly integrates into diverse environments.
  4. Whether in residential or commercial settings, these lights contribute to the creation of a refined and dynamic ambiance, elevating the overall visual appeal of any space.

Specifications of 4 Directional Up Down Lights:

Specification 12  Watt
Housing Aluminum housing
Driver Isolated Driver
Input Voltage 110-230 V AC (50Hz)
Surge Protection 2.5 KV
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
Warranty 2 years warranty
CCT 3000K 
Lumens 100-110 Lm/W

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