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Axiom’s LED Stadium lights are the pinnacle of lighting technology created specifically for sports arenas and stadiums. Their precision engineering guarantees that every corner of the playing field is well-lit uniformly. These flood lights are more than just fixtures; they are essential to the overall stadium experience, transforming it into an environment where every movement is clearly highlighted. Axiom’s stadium flood lights create a mood that keeps the action pulsing and the crowd interested, whether it’s a high-intensity football match or an electrifying concert.

Specifications of Salient Features of LED STADIUM LIGHTS (MODULE)​:

One of the most notable characteristics of Axiom’s LED Stadium lights is their ability to provide unmatched visibility. These LED lights eliminate shadows and provide uniform lighting, allowing players to perform to their full potential while spectators enjoy every part of the event. They are also durable and weather resistant, able to survive outside circumstances, and may be used for a variety of sporting activities and entertainment occasions. To summarize, Axiom’s LED Stadium flood lights represent the pinnacle of lighting perfection, improving the experience for both players and spectators while being cost-effective and dependable.

Specifications of LED STADIUM LIGHTS (MODULE)​:

Specification 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 Watt
Housing Aluminum housing
Power factor > 0.95
Input Voltage 110-230 V AC (50Hz)
Surge Protection 6 KV
Base type Mounting
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
Warranty 2 years warranty
CCT 6500K
Lumens 100-110 Lm/W

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