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9W LED Bulb

Axiom’s LED bulb comes with excellent energy efficiency and extended lifespan, it has become a popular choice for environmentally conscious people wishing to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing brightness.

Salient Features of 9W LED Bulb:

The LED bulb from Axiom is distinguished by its remarkable energy efficiency, providing optimal illumination while consuming the least amount of power. Despite its ability to save energy, the LED bulb does not sacrifice brightness. It also adheres to sustainable principles, making it a responsible lighting solution that meets the needs of environmentally conscious consumers. The longer lifespan of the LED bulb offers consumers a long-lasting lighting alternative that reduces the frequency of replacements and contributes to sustainability.

Specifications of 9W LED Bulb:

Specification 9 Watt
Housing Plastic housing
Power factor > 0.95
Input Voltage 110-230 V AC (50Hz)
Surge Protection 4 KV
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
Warranty 2 years warranty
CCT 6500K/ 3000K/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Pink
Lumens 100-110 Lm/W

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