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Axiom’s HI-bay LED lights are specifically designed to meet the unique lighting needs of high-ceiling applications, where traditional lighting solutions may fall short. These high-ceiling environments, which often include warehouses and manufacturing facilities, demand powerful and consistent illumination to ensure safety, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Salient Features of LED HI-BAY LIGHTS​:

Axiom’s Hi-Bay LED Lights offer bright and even lighting leading to increased productivity. In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, where precise tasks are often performed, having ample and well-distributed light is essential. It reduces the likelihood of errors, speeds up processes, and improves overall workflow efficiency.consistent and well-distributed light output that minimizes shadows and dark spots. This uniform illumination not only enhances visibility but also creates a safer and more comfortable working environment for employees. Additionally, Hi-Bay LED lights’ long lifespan reduces maintenance and replacement costs, further enhancing the return on investment for businesses.

Specifications of LED HI-BAY LIGHTS​:

Specification 100, 150, 200 Watt
Housing Aluminum housing
Power factor > 0.96
Input Voltage 110-230 V AC (50Hz)
Surge Protection 6 KV
Base type Hanging
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
Warranty 2 years warranty
CCT 6500K
Lumens 100-110 Lm/W

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