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The high wattage LED bulb serves as an ideal alternative to traditional CFLs. With an impressive luminous efficacy of 100 lumens per watt, these LED lamps illuminate large areas while significantly reducing energy consumption. Designed with a focus on outdoor illumination requirements, these LED bulbs offer a lightweight and economical solution that outperforms conventional CFLs in both energy efficiency and coverage.

Salient features of Higher Wattage Bulb:

  1. High Lumen: The LED bulbs in this range deliver an outstanding 100 lumens per watt.
  2. Large Area Coverage: Tailored for expansive outdoor spaces, these bulbs are engineered to light up sizable areas, providing ample brightness for various applications.
  3. Lightweight Design: The LED bulbs feature a lightweight construction, making them easy to handle and install. This characteristic enhances their versatility, allowing for hassle-free integration into a variety of outdoor lighting setups.
  4. Economical: With a focus on cost-effectiveness, these LED lamps offer an economical alternative to CFLs, ensuring long-term savings on energy bills while providing superior lighting performance.
  5. Energy Conservation: By consuming less energy than traditional CFLs, these LED bulbs contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

Specifications of Higher Wattage Bulb:

Specification 30 Watt 40 Watt
Length 18 mm 232 mm
Width 100mm 120mm  
Thickness 86.29 mm 115.37 mm
Weight 204 gms 333 gms
Base Aluminum/ Nickel Aluminum/ Nickel
Print Details Ref: Buyer’s Specs Ref: Buyer’s Specs
Electrical Parameters    
Driver Type Non Isolated Driver (HPF) Non Isolated Driver (HPF)
InputPower(W) 30 ± 5% 40 ± 5% 
Input Voltage (Vac) 100V-305V  100V-305V 
InputCurrent (mA) 136 ± 5%  180 ± 5% 
Power factor >0.95 ± 5% >0.95 ± 5%
Output Current(mA) dc 560-600 mA 600-650 mA
Driver Efficiency(%) 90% 90%
Output Voltage(DC) 45V – 48V 55V – 60V
Operating Frequency(Hz) 50 Hz 50 Hz
Surge Protection 4KV Surge 4KV Surge
LED Type SMD LED (2835) 1W / 6V SMD LED (2835) 1W / 6V 
LED Make BMTC / Everstar BMTC / Everstar
LED Lumen (lm/W) >100 >100
No of LED 48 (8S6P) 60 (8S6P)
LED Driving Current (mA)±10% 150 150
System Luminous Flux(Lumen)±10% 3300 4400
Luminaire Efficacy (Lm/W)±10% 110 110
Color Temperature(K)±510K 6500K / 4000K / 3000K 6500K / 4000K / 3000K
CRI > 80 > 80
LifeSpan(Hrs.) > 50000 Hrs > 50000 Hrs
Luminaire Angle (Degree) > 180 > 180
Working Temp. Range(°C)  10°C to +45°C 10°C to +45°C
Working Humidity Range 0-90% 0-90%
Storage Temperature 10°C to +50°C 10°C to +50°C
Storage Humidity 5 – 95% 5 – 95%
Certification BIS BIS
IP Grade IP44 IP44
Base  Aluminum / PC Aluminum / PC
Diffuser/Glass PC PC
Glass Thickness  2.10 mm 2.84 mm
Horizontal/ Vertical Rotation Angle 90° 90°

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