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LED Downlighter 2×2 Panel

With our 2×2 LED flat panel light fixtures, you can enhance your lighting experience. These fixtures combine strong LED technology with a modern design that fits a variety of ceiling styles. Our LED panels provide greater brightness and energy efficiency than fluorescent models, revolutionizing places like offices, retail stores, and educational institutions. They are a flexible and aesthetically pleasing option for any setting because of their streamlined form, which gives them a modern touch.

Salient Features of LED Downlighter 2×2 Panel:

  1. Simple installation that works with a variety of ceiling types owing to the contemporary flat panel design. The sleek design is aesthetically attractive and elevates visual appeal by incorporating a modern touch.
  2. Greater brightness and lower energy consumption compared to traditional lights.Energy-efficient LED technology can lower environmental impact and result in long-term economic benefits.
  3. Use different wattages of lighting for different applications to customize it to your needs.  Select from a range of lumen outputs to create the ideal amount of brightness in any area.
  4. Suitably adaptable for use in workplaces, shops, and educational establishments, guaranteeing consistent and effective lighting wherever it is required.

Specifications of LED Downlighter 2×2 Panel:

Specification 40 Watt
Length 595 mm
Width 595 mm
Thickness/ Depth 32 mm
Weight 1300 gms
Base Aluminum
Print Details Ref: Buyer’s specs
Electrical Parameters  
Driver type Isolated Driver (HPF)
Input Power (W) 40 ± 10%
Input Voltage (Vac) 100V-305V
Input Current (mA) 180 ± 5%
Power Factor >0.90
Output Current (mA) dc 650-700 m
Adriver Eciency(%) 90%
Output Voltage (DC) 55V-60V
Operating Frequency(Hz) 50Hz
Surge Protection 4KV Surge
LED Type SMD LED (2835)1W / 9V
LED Make BMTC / Everstar
LED Lumen( lm/W) > 100
LED Driving Current(mA)±10% 60
System Luminous Flux(Lumen)±10% 4400
Luminaire Ecacy (Lm/W)±10% 110
Color Temperature (K)±510K 6500K / 4000K /3000K
CRI >80
Life Span >50000 Hrs
Luminaire Angle (Degree)  > 120
Working Temp. Range(°C) 10°C to +45°C
Working Humidity Range 0-90%
Storage Temperature 20°C to +60°C
Storage Humidity 5 – 95%
IP Grade Ip20
Base Aluminum
Diffuser/ Glass PC
Glass Thickness 0.88 mm
Horizontal/ Vertical Rotation Angle 90%

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